Product – Ready when you Need It.


Digit DEFENDER™ — Protects Little Fingers from Slamming Doors

Digit DEFENDER™ – Safe, Secure, Always Ready

Digit DEFENDER mounts directly to the door – without tools. Simply peel, place and stick to the door out of the reach of small children. When the door is closed, the lever is up – in the “ready” position. Open the door and gravity automatically drops the Digit DEFENDER lever into the “protect” position – preventing it from slamming shut. That’s how it saves fingers! Lift the lever to the “ready” position to close the door.

Digit DEFENDER’s patented design was created by a college instructor and master mechanical technician.

How it Works:

Made of industrial–grade materials, Digit DEFENDER attaches to traditional interior doors. It’s always ready for action. Just open the door and Digit DEFENDER’s gravity-fed lever activates, dropping into the “protect” position – preventing the door from slamming shut. Simply lift the lever into the “ready” position to close the door. Digit DEFENDER stays on the door. It’s always ready to protect tiny hands. Simple. Safe. Secure.

Digit DEFENDER™ is easy to install

  • Fully assembled
  • Peel and stick
  • No tools needed
  • No drilling holes in door
  • Sensible
  • Gravity system is easy to understand
  • Easy to use


  • Engages automatically every time the door is opened
  • Stays on the door, so it won’t get lost
  • Ready when you need it – and always there
  • Easy to operate
  • Logical. Simple.
  • Gravity makes it work.
  • Made in USA


Digit DEFENDER mounts to the door out of the reach of small children. When the door is closed, the lever is in the up in the “ready” position. When the door is opened, gravity automatically drops the lever into the “activate” position.

Digit DEFENDER™ Differentiators:

Nothing like it on the market. Beats the competition hands down!